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Is it a Bad Idea to Buy Instagram Likes?

The new algorithm of Instagram uses engagement as their essential metric for determining the post’s popularity. Mainly, more likes or comments hat your posts get, more the larger audience sees your posts. There is no denying that Instagram likes are significant to the success of your account. For example, let us say you are working for the Pizza shop and like to post delicious Pizza recipe over Instagram to attract engagement of your audience. Suppose your Pizza post gets plenty of likes, it will have the better chance to compete with many other top posts having similar hashtags, or may appear on the Instagram’s Explore page. You can find explore page on Instagram just by clicking on its magnifying-glass symbol, and it is the compilation of posts that you have liked or posts loved by the accounts that you interact quite often. As Explore page will show you the user’s posts that their followers love, it is the best and effective way for the business to reach a new audience.

Productive marketing strategy

If you think to buy instagram likes, then it appears to be the best way to increase your engagement, but it is also the dangerous tactic, which can do an opposite, by decreasing your engagement or destroying your reputation.

How to Purchase Instagram Likes

There’re two kinds of services that you may use to buy your Instagram likes. The first service sells the likes from having fake accounts. The second type sells Instagram bots that follow the real accounts and like people’s posts (with an expectation that the people will follow & like your posts back). Many companies give out these services.

buy instagram followersBuying Likes from the Fake Accounts

The first way, paying the service to buy likes from the fake accounts, is the risky and ineffective option. As these accounts are bogus, you will not get engagement in the form of comments, so suppose your real Instagram followers see that you have posted with around 1,000 likes but just two comments, then they will feel distrustful of the account’s authenticity. The fake accounts will not turn in real customers. Likes you get from the fraudulent accounts are the invalid signs of customer loyalty, and will not help you to measure your post’s actual performance.

Suppose your real audience ever discovers that some of your Instagram likes are from the bogus accounts (that is simple to recognize, fake accounts do not have any profile pictures and posts of own), your business can appear cheap and insincere.