Maxi Climber

Maxi Climber Reviews Pros and Cons of the Maxi Climber Stepper

The MaxiClimber tent is a part of the home gym equipment created (or at least represented) by Brenda Diagram, a fairly famous trainer. This is a pedometer with Maxitubes under the steps. Maximust provide resistance and provide non-contact training for those of you who suffer from knee problems.

Maxi Climber machine is a small and light car. The dimensions of the machine are 19 inches wide by 24 inches long by 11 inches, so this is a portable storage device and convenient for training.Maxi Climber

In addition to the step, you also get two training groups that you can connect to step. These strips allow you to perform upper body exercises when you are working with a stepper motor so that you can perform both cardiovascular training and strength training at the same time. You also get aMaxiClimber DVD that contains training sessions with Brenda Dygraf so you can get several different procedures with this machine.

Because you need to use your balance, this machine will force you to use the stabilizing muscles you rarely use, plus increase the fat by pressing on your legs, hips and hips. When you combine the use of resistance bands that are free when you buy this machine on the Internet, you can also perform a full body workout, which helps you tone your chest, shoulders, arms and back.

So far, all this sounds wonderful, but check many Maxi Climber machine customers, which I read, and what I found myself, show that this is not a perfect product. It has advantages and disadvantages that you must take into account.

Aerial climber for and against:-


Easy to use
Ideal for domestic use, as it is easy to store and customize
You can work with your lower and upper body
It has a training DVD
It can be ordered online and sent to your home


This product is expensive for a walker that costs more than $ 100, not counting the cost of delivery.
The warranty period is only 60 days.
There are complaints that the product is poorly manufactured and can easily break (which is not a good omen in view of the short warranty period).
It may not be intense enough for all fitness levels.
You must pay for the shipment for repair or refund.

In general, the MaxiClimber simulator seems to be the right equipment and can be a good addition to your efforts at home. However, there are problems with this machine, especially due to the low quality products and the short warranty period. This is the main problem, you worry that it will collapse on you, before you can get results with it.