glass bongs

Choosing The Right Bong Type for Your Needs

Cleaning your pipe is not that easy especially if you are using it for quite long. If you want to upgrade your pipe, choose a glass bong for a new mood. This new high bong could use a partner, or a party, or other devices. Replacing your old piece can be daunting as there are a lot available. You need to consider some factors even if you are only adding it to your collection of smoking supplies. The right piece can last longer and it is something that suits you and your lifestyle. Here’s the guide to buying the right bong.

Mode of Use

If you are to buy a new pipe, you need to consider your mode of use. Is it for dry leaves or legal concentrates? There are also some water pipes that you can use for both legal dry herbs and concentrates. But it is best to know which among the two you plan to use more often top decide what pipe you will buy. If you opt to use a pipe for some dry leaves, you might as well consider having a bowl pipe with a larger stem. Meanwhile, if you are planning to have it for legal concentrates, you will usually need a nail. This pipe requires a 90-degree angle stem. You can also have a small to medium-size bong if you want to dabble both with a quartz banger attachment. This will allow you to swap between dry or concentrated material with ease.

glass bongs

The Mouthpiece Measurement

If you have an idea about the size that you might need, you then need to think diffusion. The percolator function is vital as this will be the basis or key to diffuse smoke. If you are smoking, burning dry substances creates a combustion. This is not good for your health thus, you need to somehow avoid inhaling a large number of byproducts. Get a piece with a percolator filter to take out the unwanted toxins from the combustion process. This process will give a much smoother while also cooling down the smoke. This will also give you a cleaner hit for your lungs.

The Materials

These days, there are many types of bongs from anything like acrylic or plastic, ceramic or bamboo. But the best type to date is the glass one, it is more classic among all.

  • The plastic or acrylic water pipes are way cheaper and translucent. This will give you a chance to see the quality of the water in your bong which is great. But, take note that this type lacks the creativity making them a less flavorful option. You can still this bong type have this for on the go purposes.
  • The ceramic pipes are also cheaper and beautiful. It is more durable, but also harder to clean, causing them to have a shorter lifespan when used more often. The bamboo made bongs are sturdy and stylish and can last ages.
  • The glass made bongs are the new trend to date. It is super durable and ideal for traveling or packing away in a suitcase. Glass bongs have the most classic style and the best for modifications and add-ons. If you worry about its material which can break easily, you need to pick the ones with a scientific glass.

When buying a new bong, it is best to get the most durable with a classic look. The potential glass bong is more durable and generally thick. Scientific glass bongs can be also harder to damage great for personal aesthetic.