Locksmith Business

How to Become a Locksmith and start a Locksmith Business

Who are Locksmiths?

Locksmith works with locks, keys, safes, security and alarm systems in automobile, domestic and commercial places. A locksmith also helps people who are locked out of their car, home or office. They are experts in opening the locks without breaking them and create duplicates of keys without the original one. They work with a variety of locks like key cabinets, padlocks, garage locks, car locks and commercial security locks. They work with a variety of tools like lock pick set, drills and lathes. They keep themselves updated with the technology to open the security and automated alarm systems and work in those programmed systems in a matter of few minutes. They also participate in residential installations of new locks in doors and security systems for homes and offices. Starting a  24 hours Locksmith Brisbane is quite a challenging task for a newcomer.

Locksmith training

How to become a Locksmith?

The first step to become a Locksmith is to take a proper Locksmith training in a recognized institution. One can choose formal or vocational training courses. It takes time to learn various lock pick tools, installation methods and key duplication methods. Some states require certification, insurance and licensing to start a Locksmith Business at your place. Another important aspect is practicing your various skills like lock breaking, key fixing, lock picking and installing coded security systems. Take time to become an expert with all lock types. Next step is the expertise. Choose one skill that you are good at like home lockouts, car lockout or residential installations and get the type of equipments you need for them. Tools like code cutting machines, drillers, lockout kits, lock pick sets and re-keying sets needs to be purchased. Get help from established locksmiths in your surroundings to choose the updated and suitable took kits for your business. It is good to work as an apprentice in a legalized Locksmith agency to gain a good experience before starting a business of your own. Get a good location for your office to store your tool sets and computer to manage the calls from clients, marketing and finances. A work van adds credibility and marketing value to your business. Once your business gets busy you may have to hire new helpers/locksmiths who are well trained and managers to run your office. Considering the building expenses, tool expenses and salaries to the employees at you office, set prices for your orders and make a wise financial plan. Do marketing via advertisements at your local and online newspapers and television advertisements so that people will look out for you when they are in emergencies. Become part of the Locksmith Association in your area to further grow and take you Locksmith business to the next level.


Turning into a popular 24 hr Locksmith Brisbane and getting a profitable income out of your business, all comes with practice and time.