Online Gamers: A way to entertainment

Nowadays, there are many people who love gaming and play games for a very long time. These people are known as a gamer. Every game has their own communities and their gamers. Being a gamer needs dedication and interest.

Most of the gamers are mostly online gamers. There are a vast number of online games. Before you start playing an online game, there are different types of gamers that you need to know about.

The Noob and the Veteran

The Noob is a term given to the player who is new to the game.  If you are a noob, then you have no idea about the game. You are just a beginner with no prior knowledge of the game you are playing. You will ask some basic questions, which may sound very silly or stupid to other professional players and you will make the simplest mistakes.

The Veteran is the complete opposite of the noob. The veteran is the professionals of the game. They know everything about the game that they are playing. They often do not like to play with the noob.

The Talker and the Mute

If you are a talker, then you like talking much more than playing. You have the habit of talking more and playing less. You are very irritating and others may not seem to like you. Sometimes being a talker is also an advantage, as you can put your opponent’s morale down by just talking.

If you are mute, then you like to keep your mouth shut and focus on your game. You may or may not put your headsets on but you like it cool and silent. You may be good for single player but you may be sidelined for multiplayer because it requires teamwork.

The Cheat and the Stickler

If you are cheating in a game, then you are a cheat. You tend to use any means, mostly bad, to win games. You take unfair advantage of the environment by using perks or any other cheat codes possible. You will not be well accepted in the gaming community but you will continue using your methods.

On the other hand, if you are a stickler, you truly follow all the rules and even make sure that the others follow the rules too. Many people are jealous of you and call you names but you do not give any heed to them.


Keep a note of players that you are likely to meet while gaming online. You are likely to meet these types of players while playing in the gaming community. If you want to play an online game, you can go for the Hearthstone game by having hearthstone boost.