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Why Replace Pasta With Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti is one of the best things that’s ever happened to pasta. And it still is. This dish is well-loved by numerous individuals around the world. Despite the dish originating from one area, it has clearly taken over many countries and has won over numerous palates.

If there is one drawback in the dish, it would be the number of calories found per serving. If you wish to go on a healthier diet, this is one dish you need to avoid. The craving for Spaghetti might be hard to deny though. Fortunately, there are now different alternatives you can try out, like the Spaghetti Squash. Instead of using the traditional pasta, you can use a vegetable instead.

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About The Vegetable

Spaghetti Squash is a vegetable with yellow-colored flesh and is considered one of the healthiest substitutes for pasta. Spaghetti lovers can now enjoy a low-carb meal with this particular ingredient. This first became popular in North and Central America, but is now famous all over the world.

Compared to its orange-colored counterparts, the Spaghetti Squash is non-starchy and is yellowish in color. It’s also sweeter compared to other types of squashes.

What are the Benefits Of Spaghetti Squash?

  • The squash family is always known to have tons of Vitamin A which is a necessary nutrient for better eye functionality. It provides clearer vision and helps prevent issues like cellular degeneration. It’s also good for achieving firmer and younger skin.
  • It contains Vitamin C for a stronger immune system and faster healing.
  • This also helps you prevent bone defects and osteoporosis. Spaghetti squash has high calcium content.
  • The vegetable has minerals that will help the body prevent too much fat absorption. With this, you’re able to maintain a healthy weight and you won’t be worried about your cholesterol levels as well.
  • Another important mineral found in Spaghetti Squash is Potassium to help lower blood pressure and improves the heart condition and strength.
  • It contains fiber that will help cleanse the intestinal lining and help in improving bowel movement. For some, this can be a constant problem. Therefore, regular consumption of Spaghetti Squash is recommended.
  • B Complex is also a good nutrient for pregnant women.