Know about IQ

The IQ test- Know Your Score

Know about IQ

If you are going to attempt any standardized test to check your ability, then it is called as the IQ test. Measuring the mental abilities of the individual is the main purpose behind this test. If you are going to score high in, then the test then you are said to be as smarter than the person who scored less or average.

If we go back to the history of this IUQ test, in the year 1904, the best way to filter among the individuals is through this test where practical and general questions were asked. The test turned to be a success in knowing the child who is having the smarter IQ.

There will be several complex questions involved in the test and they are asked to be solved in a particular time limit or period. The end result will be in the form of the score. This is not only restricted to one field but it is categorized for various domains.

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How does IQ work?

This is expressed in numerical terms and this will help to figure out the intelligence of the individual. General average score of the IQ test is 100 and the highest score possible is 200 and the candidate if he or she score is less than 100 then they are said to have low intelligence this is comparison with others but that is not the key factor where you can completely rely on.

A lot of factors are considered when the IQ test is being conducted.it is designed in such a way that it covers many topics or subjects. There are crystallized intelligence, verbal knowledge, spatial intelligence, processing speed and fluid intelligence.

Different IQ tests

There are various kinds. they are

Stanford Binet test

It depends on manly five factors such as quantitative reasoning, knowledge, fluid reasoning, spatial visual processing and the working memory

The Wechsler adult intelligence scale

Short formed as WAIS and this also based on the five factors such as visual spatial processing, knowledge, fluid reasoning, quantitative reasoning.

Tests of cognitive abilities by woodcock johnson

This is short formed as WJIV and based on the fluid intelligence, processing speed, long term retrieval, short term memory, auditory processing, crystallized intelligence and spatial visual intelligence.

Raven’s progressive matrices

The factors which are going to be tested here are clear thinking, problem solving, learning ability, abstract reasoning, advanced observation.

Therefore, we can conclude that IQ stands for the quantity and the intelligence stands for the quality of the individual.