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The different types of moving company

It is not only people that move around. There are many things that need to be moved. Moving saves in the cost of buying the item that you already have. Hence the movers like umzugsfirma Luzern are so popular all around. They make the shifting really easy and tension-free for us. Here are the different types of movers that you can take help in times of need.

umzug LuzernCommercial Movers

This mover generally moves commercial items. This is used by office and institution that needs relocation or repositioning. A company has a lot of things to be shifted if he changes its business address. Items like the cupboards, generators, computers, large table, and chairs etc. To shift all this isn’t an easy task it requires huge workforce as well as safe hands. The huge tables and cupboards need a trick to be taken out of the rooms. Only an expertise workforce would be able to do that.

Since the total work done is much higher than the normal shifting the rates are also higher depending on several factors. Different movers would give different estimation and so it would be wise t look for as many movers as you can to get the best price out of them.

Household Movers

This is a common type of mover. Most of the movers like umzugsfirma Luzern do provide household moving as it is not that tough of a task as compared to the commercial moving. This mover helps the household moving among families. Household movers provide various services such as full service, partial service packing unpacking service etc. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Specialty Movers

These are the movers that have a specialty over moving specific items. The items could be a delicate thing like glass material, computer, television etc among the most basic. This packing requires a great degree of caution and precaution measures to be taken. Only movers who have a great nature of expertise can handle this kind of moving.

Auto transportation movers

The vehicles you posses also need to be transferred if you are permanently moving. The household mover would not take in the responsibility to move the vehicle. You have to contact an automobile transport service for the process.


These are the most common types of movers that you will find in most of the city all around. Depending on the particulars of the shipment you can choose the perfect one for the job.